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报告题目:Relation between blood pressure and pulse wave velocity for human  arteries

报告人:  黄永刚教授  美国西北大学




Continuous monitoring of blood  pressure, an essential measure of health status, typically requires complex,  costly, and invasive techniques that can expose patients to risks of  complications.  Continuous, cuffless, and noninvasive blood pressure monitoring  methods that correlate measured pulse wave velocity (PWV) to the blood pressure  via the Moens?Korteweg (MK) and Hughes Equations,  offer promising alternatives.  The MK Equation, however, involves two  assumptions that do not hold for human arteries, and the Hughes Equation is  empirical, without any theoretical basis.  The results presented here establish  a relation between the blood pressure P and PWV that does not rely on the Hughes  Equation nor on the assumptions used in the MK Equation.  This relation  degenerates to the MK Equation under extremely low blood pressures, and it  accurately captures the results of in vitro experiments using artificial blood  vessels at comparatively high pressures.  For human arteries, which are well  characterized by the Fung hyperelastic model, a simple formula between P and PWV  is established within the range of human blood pressures.  This formula is  validated by literature data as well as by experiments on human subjects, with  applicability in the determination of blood pressure from PWV in continuous,  cuffless, and noninvasive blood pressure monitoring systems. 


黄永刚,美国工程院院士、中国科学院外籍院士、欧洲科学院外籍院士、美国西北大学Walter  P.  Murphy讲席教授。他的研究领域是可延展和柔性电子力学、力学引导的三维结构组装等,并撰写了两部专著、发表了500多篇SCI论文,包括10篇Science和4篇Nature。近年来他获得美国机械工程师协会的Drucker  Medal (2013)和Nadai Medal (2016)、工程科学学会的Prager Medal (2017)、材料科学领域的高被引作者(since  2014) 和物理学领域的高被引作者(since 2018)、美国土木工程师协会的Bazant Medal (2018)等。